Who I am and what I’m about.

Hello! My name is Alison. I am a 30 year old mother and wife. Hubby and I are blessed to parent five children between the two of us. I am an extreme introvert, Christian, crafter and artist. I love my part in our beautiful blended family. Daily personal growth and my recent passion for people interactions is what is driving me to share my life and insight.


Recently, finding my niche in life and who I am meant to be by learning how I best interact with those I love and the world around me has become my focus. At thirty years of age, I am very aware that I may be far behind the eight ball, but when is the most appropriate time to find ourselves? Also, doing this while raising three little people is not considerably ideal, but we have to start somewhere, right?


Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone in an effort to engage in the world around me is a daily struggle, but I’m getting there. Each tiny step taken, each and every day, brings me closer to who I want to be and finding a way to share that is icing on the cake. My hope, through sharing bits and pieces of my life is that someone else will be inspired to be themselves-no matter how much outside the box that might be.


Inspiration 06/05/18

In a world where the meaning of marriage has become dimmed and jaded it is all the more important to fight for the purity of a marriage! If we know what we’re called to be and what our place is, God will give us the strength to fulfill that role!

A New Start

It’s the time of year where we reorganize, reprioritize, and reconnect with who we are, what we’re doing and what we want out of life.

My family and I have dug into our list of resolutions already. Through the holidays we accumulated a lot of clutter which is leading to a lot of unnecessary chaos and stress. To help with that, we are trying to stick to the 3×3 rule where if you haven’t used something in the last three months and don’t plan to use it in the next three months then it should go. It has already made such a difference-we have gotten rid of five bags of clothing and toys that we have outgrown just in the last three weeks!

We have also decided as a family that we have been getting lost in technology way more than we should. We have recently set some limits to the amount of time spent on phones, tablets, TV, video games, etc. This has made our much coveted dinner time as a family much nicer and moods throughout the house have improved dramatically!

Personally I have also set a goal to increase my water intake. It has been proven to help lose weight, improve skin and hair conditions and boost energy levels. As a wife and mommy I forget how little effort goes into caring for myself, yet how important it is! I have found a boat load of apps to help me stay on top of getting the water in throughout the day.

As I realize that some of our resolutions were also on last year’s list, I do know that it is easy to make a list and a whole other thing to tackle the items on it. There comes a time, however, when enough becomes enough and you can no longer put off the need for change. The daily problems, annoyances and clutter stack up so easily! It is so easy to get stuck thinking “it has always been this way”, “I don’t know where to start” and “what if I fail”. I’m finding that, as scary as change is, the moments of happiness and blessing that I am letting slip by are far more precious than my “comfort” in staying where I am. I doubt I will ever go a day without a laundry pile stacking up or will ever find a system to stay 100% on top of the dishes in the sink, but the changes around our house have been a great motivator in tackling the to do list. So here’s to 2018 and all that it has in store. All the best to you and yours!

Written January 11, 2018

Reason for the Season

I have become a stay at home mom recently and holiday gatherings and preparations have come underway. I have to be honest and say it has been a bit overwhelming. I am actually finding it hard to take the time to recognize the true reason for all the hustle and bustle.

Not that I am losing my faith, by any means, but it is so easy to get wrapped up in the side dish for the family gathering, the gift for this person, the snacks for this child’s party, the craft supplies for this other child’s party… the list goes on and on! I put a lot of thought and preparation in to each of these things and they still end up feeling so last minute and rushed.

I am so thankful for my family and friends and am so blessed by each of the people in my life, but this time of year has become exhausting. I am desperately needing some me time these days, and I don’t mean to shop. I need to refocus! We celebrate with trees and lights and gifts, and they all symbolize God’s gift to us, His Son. We don’t talk about this enough. Without Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection we would not be able to spend an eternal life with Him!

Written December 18, 2017



Four weeks ago, I hugged the neck of my children’s father.

He and I separated and filed divorce almost three years ago now. The process was short and sweet. We even went together, with our documents in hand, and had it made official with a notary. We were just two people with different goals and lifestyles and it was becoming more tense in the house than was necessary.  So we parted ways, agreeing that the children were worth whatever efforts necessary for us to keep open lines of communication.


We spoke when necessary, smiled and swapped information during “changing of the guard”. We weren’t hateful. We didn’t wish harm on one another. I laughed at his jokes and he let me vent from time to time. Then we starting seeing other people.

It began to become a bit stiff and there was a nagging feeling, at times, that something could erupt if the wrong wires crossed. Especially when finances were the topic, it was like all the stereotypes of custody legalities and divorce disputes were playing into our thoughts and fears, effecting how we expected the outcome of every encounter to play out. We didn’t call each other names. We didn’t curse each other. We didn’t use the children against one another. We just didn’t give it 100% and it felt as though we were slowly reaching a boiling point.



Changes in child care have become necessary and I needed to broach the subject and I feared the worst. As he brought the kids to our meeting point he was more stiff than usual. We exchanged greetings and hugs from the kids, then settled them into my vehicle. Then I dove in, stating that changes in child care had come about and that meant changes in income. He said that he knew about the changes in care from the kids. So I launched into an apology that he hadn’t heard it from me, but that I had wanted to tell him face to face. (Due to work schedules a family member picks them up and we only meet when he brings them back.) I was not hiding information from him, just trying to erase technology from skewing any details.

I told him of how I didn’t hate him, and us being in separate relationships didn’t change the fact that we have three kids to raise, together. He relaxed and said he didn’t like the tension that was building between us either. That dealing with each other had become stressful and for no reason. We had allowed all the negativity that other “fouled marriages” and “ugly divorces” to poison our communication. We spoke a bit longer, then hugged each other’s necks as we parted ways.



We have met one other time since, along with our significant others, and the atmosphere was so different. It was easier to talk and it was visible that the kids felt it too. Our love for these kiddos will always be the common denominator and it is possible to become a truly blended family, without the strife and friction. That doesn’t mean that we won’t disagree, but as with every relationship: parent/child, spouse/spouse, sibling/sibling, friend/friend, etc.- communication is necessary. It has been amazing to see how much better things have been between, as result of a single converstation. In a world where communication has become so easily obtainable, relations are growing weaker and weaker. It is important to know what true communcation can accomplish!

Interest: Paid Forward

Interest. Synonyms for the word, according to Oxford Dictionary, are stake, share, claim and investment.

The first things that comes to mind, especially in light of the recent Las Vegas tragedy, is my children and their future. It is becoming so very important to find a balance in teaching them to love without judgment, along with a wisdom to know when to draw lines. Teaching them right from wrong, in every sense is so very important. Finding safe ways for them to make connections with the community and learn about all aspects of life will make them aware that there are other walks of life without causing fear and hatred.

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Inspiration for Today!

I am still discovering what my talents are, but I do know that I love people, deeply, and have a passion for letting others know their worth. You have a talent that needs to be shared. No matter how big or small your niche is, or what your talent is, you have a purpose. You will change a life forever in some way.

Whether you teach a lesson, raise a child, lend a hand, or make a bleak day a bit brighter, who you are matters. The way you communicate. The things you love to do. Your routine or lack thereof. Trying new things or mastering old. Everything you do puts you in the path of another soul that can be changed by you, just by being you.